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Spiritual maturity an introduction




Spiritual maturity not a gift but a process


Every sincere Christian seeks to experience more of God and His will.  In the Christian walk, we basically need three things: knowledge, prayer and power. Spiritual maturity is not merely an extraordinary gift that some Christians possess while others do not. Spiritual maturity is a process that can and should be experienced in the daily life of God’s people as the Church of Jesus Christ led by the Word of God. In order to advance in our spiritual lives it is necessary to study biblical principles and truths necessary to grow in maturity and the knowledge of God and be strengthened as responsible members of the local Church.

God’s purpose is to form mature Christians instructed in His Word and able to minister to His people.

Spiritual maturity is based on principles

There are important biblical principles of the Christian life, such as walking in the Spirit, fleeing from sin and following the path of the overcomer that we should be studying. We also must learn safe ways of obtaining spiritual revelation, how to be transformed in mind, will and emotions, how to have a renewed character and a full understanding of the Plan of Salvation.  These are some of the issues that we will deal with throughout these posts. I hope to present many of these principles in the light of the basic premise of the New Testament that every Christian, including you, is destined to come to the full knowledge of the truth and serve as a minister in the spiritual house of God.

Spiritual maturity is learned through interaction and community

My prayer is that every post on this site will help you better understand the Gospel and attain a mature and balanced Christian life. I hope to present the principles that deal with spiritual maturity in well-founded and objective posts that you can apply to your daily life and practice. From time to time I would like to present some discussion questions to stimulate the exchange of ideas and help reinforce your understanding and retention of the content and principles presented through this site. I hope to stimulate the desire in each reader to dedicate him or herself to the study of this topic reviewing each post and category from time to time, participating in the discussions and praying that each point presented in these posts becomes a reality in your life and in your ministry. My prayer is that the Lord will use these posts to lead you to new levels of spiritual maturity and an awakening of faith and holiness, culminating in an effective spiritual leadership in the Kingdom of God.

Spiritual maturity is forged in the challenge of local church membership

Finally I feel compelled to include an extremely important and necessary detail concerning spiritual maturity but one which many Christians have abandoned in a practical way: the fellowship of a responsible local church. I know I know some of you just let out a sign and an inner groan. Local church membership has been a tremendous frustration for many Christians. Admittedly many churches are not worthy of the faithfulness of their membership and many church leaders are painfully inadequate to really feed the flock under their responsibility, even so the writer of Hebrews exhorts us to maintain a responsible and regular commitment to meeting with other Christians as a local church body. It is a matter of living in a spiritual extended family something that your natural family can never adequately become. Each one of us need mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and sons and daughters in the faith. As the saying goes, it is tough to have to grow up. Yes it is, but that is the price of spiritual maturity. My prayer is that these pages will serve to convince you that any price is worth attaining spiritual maturity. God bless you!


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