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Three types of fruitThe fruit of the Spirit illustrates for us just what the life of Jesus is like. If our purpose is to become similar to Him in our life, we must desire to study carefully the nature of all of the nine-fold fruit of the Spirit. Each one of them reveals a special quality or characteristic of His character. We will consider each manifestation of fruit organized in three categories.

1.  The artificial or false fruit of the world

Artificial fruit, produced by man, can be made of plastic or wax. It has the same shape and color of the real fruit. However, it does not originate from life nor can it produce life, as we can readily attest to by taking a bite. The world defines the fruit of the Spirit in a different way than the Scriptures do. The principle may seem correct; however it does not originate from life and cannot produce spiritual life. It is a false concept and in the end only causes infirmity and spiritual death. For example, the worldly concept of love is much different from the concept of love found in the Scriptures.

2.  The true fruit of the Spirit

The Scriptures defined the true fruit of the Spirit for us. It is composed of all of the characteristics of the life of Christ that we can hear and see through His words and actions. If we want to know how true love feels, thinks, speaks and acts, at any given moment, we can look to Jesus, and observe the way that he reacted and responded in true-life situations. Jesus clearly exemplified the true meaning of the love of God through His life and death.

3.  The rotten fruit of the flesh

The fruit of the flesh reveals death and deterioration. Just as in life, death also has its different characteristics. Anyone can see the characteristics of someone’s life by the fruit of the Spirit that they bear. The characteristics of death however, reveal the exact opposite of the characteristics of those who bear the fruit of the Spirit. For example, the opposite characteristics of love would be hate, wrath and bitterness.

It is useful to study these negative characteristics. This understanding permits us to better understand and appreciate the positive fruit of the Spirit. The light always shines more intensely in the midst of darkness.

Besides this, these negative characteristics reveal a soul that is sick and diseased. The fruit of the Spirit is the medicine of the mind. This is the basis for true “inner healing”.



  1. If one wants to bear spiritual fruit it can only come from the Spirit other wise it will be artifcial.

  2. Is good that we know the different of the fruits so we can pick the good ones and stay away from the bad ones

  3. hannahteater says:

    Artificial fruit is produced by man.Looks like the real thing but it does not produce life.

  4. kellyhalluch says:

    Fake fruit doesn’t come from life nor does it produce spiritual life, in the same way that plastic fruit won’t feed a human body.

  5. ttomadon says:

    I wish a lot more people had the desire to find out more about this and reallyunderstand what it is to have the fruit of the Spirit.

  6. It’s very important for us to understand the different kinds of the fruits of the spirit. By knowing them we have a basis off of how to truly live a life according to the spirit hearing the different characteristics that Jesus possessed helps us to be a role model.

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