personal deliverancePersonal or self-deliverance is possible to every born-again Christian. Jesus gave us the authority to use His name. The power of the blood of Jesus belongs to us. Demons obey commands spoken in His name and respect the power of the blood of Jesus.

Any mature Christian may receive deliverance independently of outside help through the following steps:

Confession of sins

Confess all sins, both your own and those of your ancestors, because they may have fostered a stronghold for demons to enter. Especially if you have ever been involved with the occult, you must verbally confess all sins of any form of involvement with the occult or occult-like practices.


Repent of the sin or sins that may have opened the door for the demons to enter into your life. This implies recognizing the sin and being willing to break with it.


Ask for the forgiveness of the Lord and the purification through the blood of Jesus. Take refuge in Him, abandoning the strongholds of the enemy. You must also carefully consider your past and be able to identify any lack of forgiveness for any one in your life or your past. This is difficult to do on your own and it is wise to ask for help if you have never done it on your own.


Renounce any association with sin, evil practice or thing. Tell the enemy that you have nothing more to do with him and he has no place in your life.


Confess the Lordship of Christ over all words, actions and thoughts. Abide in the truth and you will discover that darkness and deceit will no longer have a place in your life.

Declarations of faith

In faith, command the evil spirits to leave your body in the name of Jesus. It is important that you speak from the conviction of the faith in your heart and now as a mystic incantation.

By following these steps any Christian can maintain an adequate level of deliverance in his or her spiritual life in order to be more effective as a soldier of the cross and ambassador of Heaven.



  1. Forgiveness and faith are important principles to personal deliverance and I thought that was sufficient, but now I know that we also need to be purified from our sins and ask for forgiveness before we are able to receive personal deliverance. God us to be reconciled to him before he delivers us.

  2. I feel that most Christians know about these things yet tend to be passive or only do half of what is require for personal deliverance. Explains alot of the difficulty we go through needlessly.

  3. fredericocm says:


    The weight of sin makes it difficult to walk the Christian path. Through the cross we have access to freedom from the condemnation of sin and the power of sin.

  4. gcaballero9 says:

    I didn’t know that personal deliverance was possible. It isn’t difficult but
    it all depends on us. We already have Jesus the greatest authority.

  5. hannahteater says:

    even the sins of our ancestors can affect our deliverance. But what if you don’t know what your ancestors did?

  6. kellyhalluch says:

    I really appreciate how this post lays out all and explains the steps to deliverance. This is helpful for those who never heard about it or don’t know much about it. For example we shouldn’t limit our confession of sins to merely our own lives but include those of our forefathers in order to break all the chains.

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