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How to receive revelation



5 Requirements to receive revelation

principles in receiving revelationIf we wish to receive revelation from the Lord, we should adopt certain principles. I can’t force God’s light to come, but I can be ready to perceive it whenever it is manifested. The main issue to deal with to receive revelation is the heart. It is in the heart that the light of God shines (2 Corinthians 4:6). If our heart is having problems, we won’t perceive the light of God.

A Consecrated Heart to God

Samson was defeated by the Philistines and then they put his eyes out (Judges 16:20, 21). Why was Samson defeated? Because he was a Nazarite consecrated to the Lord, and his hair was the sign of his consecration. When his hair was cut off, then his consecration was also cut off. Every time our consecration and obedience to God are broken, a dark cloud comes over us and we become blind to spiritual things.

Sin is such a terrible thing; it produces insensitivity in our heart and makes us unable to hear and receive from God. The devil’s goal, as we have already said, is to keep us from seeing; he wants us to be blind to God and His purposes. When sin enters our life, the devil has an opportunity to bind us, so we are kept from obtaining God’s revelation. The Lord’s revelation is for those who obey and have a heart that is consecrated, offered and delivered to Him.

Many of God’s servants do not understand the things of the spirit and live as if they were unbelievers. They act this way because they make mistakes in their heart by not having a heart that is consecrated to the Lord. Their spiritual eyes – the eyes of the heart – are blind and they cannot see spiritual things. This is usually the main reason for blindness among God’s people. On the other hand, those that walk in obedience become more sensitive and open to receive from God in their spirit.

A Teachable Heart

In relation to teaching, there are two categories of Christians in God’s house: those that have the ‘Adam complex’ and those that believe that ‘they know it all’. Christians in the first category presume that they don’t need to learn anything from anyone, because God will teach them everything. In their presumption, these brothers throw away centuries of history concerning the move of God and wait for God to start it all over again with them.

On the other hand, Christians in the second category are worse off because they already know everything and they do not need to learn anything from anyone, let alone seek to receive revelation. They possess all the knowledge that is in the world. Those who act this way shouldn’t expect anything from the Lord because God resists them. All this is pride and God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. (1 Peter 5:5). The Lord advises the church of Laodicea to buy balm for their eyes so that they may see (Rev. 3:18). This ‘seeing’ is something in the spirit. To put balm in their eyes means to have a teachable heart. Whoever is not willing to learn from others will not learn directly from the Lord either. Because of his lack of consecration, Samson was blinded just as the Christians of Laodicea were blinded by their pride in assuming that they knew everything.

To receive revelation implies the uncovering and revealing of something that was hidden. It is not enough to reveal what is hidden, light is also needed; otherwise, you will not be able to see. I can reveal what is hidden in a box, but if there is no light, it is worthless. This uncovering is important and light is essential, but if I don’t have eyes to see, it is all in vain.

The minister of the Word should meditate on the Word in the Lord’s light, but if the hearers are blind, it will be worthless. We need to have eyes to see before anything. If not, we will fall into the same plight as the Pharisees: they had eyes, but did not see; they had ears, but did not hear.

God will not teach me if I try to learn on my own that which I refuse to learn from others. However, if I am willing to learn from others, then God’s light will come through that person and reach me with even more revelation. If God is moving in our region in a neighboring city, I should be willing to go there to learn, because if I don’t, and try to learn on my own, God will resist me because God resists the proud. May the Lord grant us eye-salve so that we may see and receive revelation from His Word.

A Clean Heart

Jesus said, “The pure in heart will see God” (Mat 5:8). This seeing is a promise for the future, but it also refers to the present times that we can see God through revelation (1Cor. 2:9-10).

Many people have an impure heart before God and thus cannot receive revelation. It is not enough to have a clean heart; we must have a pure heart. To be clean means not having any hidden sins. It comes from the complete forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. However, having a pure heart is not just a matter of the absence of sin. A glass of water can have clean water mixed with sugar, so in the same way, there are clean hearts that are not completely pure.

To have a pure heart means having a heart without mixtures. It is hard to see the things of the spirit if we have filled our heart with profane things. Many things in our heart are not sinful, but they are impure. Let us use a person that has just opened up a business as an example. Even though his heart is not dirty, it is filled with business interests. Throughout the day, he will be minding his business. If there is a desire in our heart for the Lord, but also an equal desire for other things, then our hearts are impure. To have a pure heart is to have a heart solely for God.

Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. (Psalm 73:25).

God calls David ‘a man after God’s own heart’ because all of his pleasure was in God. When we turn our heart entirely to the Lord to the point that we can say that our pleasure is in Him, the windows of heaven will open and the light of God will come over His Word. In 2 Chronicles 16:9, we read that the eyes of the Lord search back and forth across the earth for the man whose heart is completely His. To have a heart for God is to have Him as a treasure, because where my heart is, my treasure will also be. When we take pleasure in the Lord and have Him in our heart, then we receive revelation spontaneously.

An unveiled Heart

But even to this day, when Moses is read, a veil lies on their heart. (2 Corinthians. 3:15)

Paul affirmed that the Jews have a veil over their hearts that made it impossible for them to receive revelation  concerning Jesus. What is this veil? It is the veil of traditionalism. Why are there so many who refuse to surrender to the evidences of the Holy Spirit’s baptism? History proves it, the growth of the church proves it, and signs prove it and mature lives prove it. Why, then, do people still say it is a lie? It can only be because of the veil that is over their hearts. God does not place this veil over us, we do it ourselves. When we harden our hearts in a natural and human concept, we are putting a veil over our hearts that keeps us from receiving new revelation.

This fact can be seen throughout history. God always uses a man to bring revelation, but this same man resists the new revelations that God wants to bring through others. God doesn’t stop; we are the ones that are entrenched in our human traditions. If we wish to receive revelation, we need to give up on human traditionalism.

To be traditional is to close one’s mind to any new things God is doing. In this way, there are traditional people who pray in a low voice and those that pray out loud. There are traditional people who pray in tongues and others that do not. A traditional person clings to the past. In order to receive revelation it is fundamental to have a correct heart. If we wish to receive revelation, it is essential to be filled with the Word of God.

A Heart filled with God’s Word

Evidently, if I wish to grow in and receive revelation of the Word, I need to spend time reading it and filling my mind with it. Someone may ask: “But don’t we receive revelation in the spirit?” Yes, but the mind needs to begin by being filled with the Word. A very important biblical principle comes into play in this matter: “However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual.” (1Cor 15:46) The mind accomplishes a very important function, but if the mind is darkened and problematic, it will adversely affect the clarity of the revelation of the spirit. First, my mind needs to know so that afterward my spirit may receive light.

Many people never receive revelation because their minds are not filled with the Word of God. Once I start filling my mind with God’s Word, He Himself will take care of transforming that knowledge that was originally mental into something spiritual which will transform me, build faith, and fill me with life.


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