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How evil spirits operate




How to discern the operation of evil spirits

how evil spirits operateNo revelation or supernatural vision that requires the suspension of the function of the mind or that can only be obtained by the cessation of its operation is of God. In addition, the Holy Spirit will only speak through visions that agree with the nature of God as revealed in the Bible when the believer’s mind is fully active – demonic activity follows the opposite path.  Demonic thoughts always invade from the outside in, mainly entering through the mind. The thoughts they impose force, push and compel men to act immediately – they never offer time to think, to consider or to examine. Demons confuse and paralyze the mind of man so that he can no longer think.

Phenomena of a passive mind

Here we will quickly present the phenomena of a mind under attack by evil spirits.

1.  Sudden thoughts

Once the mind sinks into passivity, evil spirits will inject many thoughts into it from the outside: impure, blasphemous and confused notions. Many such things may pass through your mind in succession. Even if you decide to reject them, you have no power to make them stop or to change the direction of your thoughts. Sometimes these ideas flash into someone’s brain like lightning.

2.  Images

The adversary can also project both good and impure images into the mind of believers. This is because their power of imagination has diminished into passivity. They cannot control their own imaginative powers, having yielded control to evil spirits.

3.  Dreams

Dreams can be both natural and supernatural. God inspires some dreams and Satan inspires others. Evil powers can create images by day and dreams by night. At night, the brain is not as active as in the day, thus it is more passive and more likely to allow the devil to manipulate it. Such dreams cause a heavy head and a melancholic spirit after waking up the next morning. The dreams and visions that come from God enable us to be normal, tranquil, clear thinking and alert. Satanically inspired dreams are grotesque, depressing, and foolish and make a person become arrogant, dazed, confused and irrational.

4.  Insomnia

This is a common malady of the saints. When they lie down at night, many experience endless thoughts that spring up in their minds. They keep thinking about their workday and relive past experiences, or fill their minds with a mixture of subjects. They think of the duties and obligations of the next day, fretting over what they need to do and how to do it in the best way. Their brains turn incessantly. These people really want to sleep but cannot stop thinking. In the normal course of events, sleep renews your spirit, but when you spend night after night with insomnia, you can become terrified of sleep, of your bed and of nighttime.

5.  Forgetfulness

The devil attacks many Christians and strips them of their powers of memory. They even forget what they said and did. They often cannot find objects that they put away that same day. Many people observe another phenomenon: the believer usually has a good memory, but in several critical moments, it fails inexplicably. All of this is due to the action of demons.

6.  Lack of Concentration

Some people, because of the activity of evil spirits, lose the ability to concentrate when they try to think; others seem to be better off, but after a few moments of concentration on a particular subject their thoughts fly in all directions, especially during prayer and Bible reading. Some people are not aware of what they are reading and cannot pay attention during church meetings. Evil spirits try to prevent us from hearing what would be useful to us, by keeping our minds occupied and forcing us to think about other things. For this reason, many Christians cannot hear what others say. Since evil spirits assail these Christians with endless, disconnected thoughts, they impatiently interrupt others who try to carry on a conversation with them.

7.  Inactivity

In the final stage, the believer’s mind loses its ability to think and falls almost entirely to the power of evil spirits. The person becomes unable to think because he cannot initiate any thought of his own, since thousands of invading thoughts pass through his mind every moment and he cannot make them cease. The enslaved believer develops a cluttered and unbalanced point of view. A small hill through his eyes becomes like a huge mountain. People in this condition flee from others and situations that force them to think. They allow their time to dissipate, and spend it without thought, imagination, or reasoning.

8.  Vacillation

Some Christians have no strength of character and change their opinion endlessly. However, in reality, the wicked spirits to which they have opened themselves change their thoughts and their opinions. They decide to do something in the morning and by evening they have completely changed their minds.

9.  Chatterbox syndrome

Generally, believers assaulted by Satan are very talkative; their heads exploding with thoughts that constantly fill their mouths with an abundance of words. Any person who cannot stop talking long enough to hear others, but insists that others hear them first, is sick minded. Many Christians resemble remote-controlled talking machines operated by external forces. Many people cannot seem to hold their tongues from gossip, joking and slander! It seems that as soon as an idea pops into their head and before there is an opportunity to consider what it means, they have already spat it out into words. The tongue has moved outside the control of mind and will. All of this is due to the passivity of the mind. Christians must understand that all their words and statements must be the result of their own thinking.

10.  Stubbornness

A passive person after having his mind made up by someone else categorically refuses to listen to any reasoning or evidence. He is not willing to listen to others and thinks they can never understand what he knows! Such people accept any supernatural voice as that of God and since they believe that God directs them, they seal their mind against any change.

11. The symptom of the eyes

Evil spirits assail the passive mind, and you can readily identify them through the eyes. The eyes reveal the mind more than any other part of our body. When a person with a passive mind speaks with others, his eyes tend to wander around, up and down, flying in all directions and can’t bring himself to look at anyone in the eyes. He may also fix his eyes in one direction without even blinking, as if paralyzed.

In summary

The phenomena of the Christian mind under attack by evil spirits are many and varied. However, there is one principle that is the basis for them all: loss of control. The person becomes plagued by inactivity rather than activity, experiences restlessness instead of calm, agitation due to floods of confusing thoughts, inability to concentrate, distinguish or remember things and events. The person loses control and sinks into confusion, becomes unfruitful at work, unable to work during the day, falls victim to disturbing dreams and visions at night, suffers insomnia, doubt, lack of watchfulness, unreasonable fear and disturbance to the point of agony. All of these symptoms are caused and perpetuated by evil spirits.


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