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The way to deliverance




the way to deliveranceDeliverance from passivity

If after a prolonged spiritual battle you perceive that your mind or the mind of someone close to you is still passive, do not despair, there is a way of escape, and you will find it if you diligently seek it and follow the proper principles of spiritual battle.

The wiles of evil spirits

Those who seek deliverance should know that evil spirits will not let their captives go free without a fight. It is important that you have no doubts and are certain that you have surrendered ground to demons and that you firmly decide to regain lost ground. The devil will use various tactics to try to stop you and in case they are not successful, he will launch a final attack against you using his customary lying tactics. He will tell you that you cannot reconquer your freedom because you have sunk so far into passivity, or that God is no longer willing to grant you grace once again, saying that it will be better to give up than to resist, since there is no way that you will be able to see the day of deliverance. So therefore why bother yourself with effort and suffering? In this struggle, the believer must learn that the weapons of warfare are spiritual, because carnal weapons are of no use.

Recovering lost ground

Evil spirits may operate in the mind of the believer because of several factors including the following:

  • An un-renewed mind,
  • Acceptance of the lies of evil spirits
  • Passivity

After identifying those areas in which you have conceded territory to evil spirits, you must move immediately to recover lost ground. You must renew your previously un-renewed mind, you must locate and renounce the lies that you have accepted as truth, and you must transform passivity into decisive action.

A renewed mind

God does not only desire a change in the mind of his children at their conversion. We must renew our mind constantly and completely, since any residual carnality is hostile to God. The texts of Romans 6:11, 12; 8:7; 2 Corinthians 10:5 and Ephesians 4 warn us about Satan’s control in some of the areas of our lives and introduce the Cross as an instrument for the renewing of the mind.

The salvation that God has provided through the Cross includes not only a new life, but a renewing of each function of our soul as well. We must gradually develop the salvation that God has deeply rooted within our being. It is necessary to understand clearly that renewal is exclusively the work of God, but the removal, the denial, the abandoning of your old ways of thinking is something that you must do.

After recognizing the old ways of your mind and eliminating them through the cross, the Christian should now practice a daily denying of all carnal thoughts. Otherwise, renewal will be impossible. In 2 Corinthians 10:5, we learned that we must bring all our thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. We must examine our thoughts to determine if:

  • They come from our old mind, or from the ground that we have yielded to them
  • They offer new ground to evil spirits or not
  • They come from a normal and renewed mind

Renounced lies

When a saved person places himself under the light of God, he discovers that in the past he frequently accepted the lies of evil spirits, leading him into passivity. As the child of God matures, he discovers that many afflictions, weaknesses, sicknesses and other phenomena that still exist in his life today are due to his acceptance in the past, directly or indirectly of the lies that demons placed within his mind. In order to assure deliverance, the Christian should experience the light of God, which is His truth. Since he formerly lost ground by believing in the lies of the enemy, now he must regain lost ground by denying all of these lies. He should pray seeking the light of God to know all truth and in this way resist all satanic lies.

Recognizing normalcy

The passive Christian that wants to be free urgently needs to determine what is normal for him. He must be restored to his original state – just as he was before he fell into the deception of the enemy. It is important to ask several questions in this return to normalcy such as: What was I like before? How far have I fallen? How can I get back to where I was before? Was I born this way or what there a time when I wasn’t like this? Was my memory always this bad or was there a time when I had a good memory?

Passivity destroyed

We need to understand the basic law in the spiritual kingdom: No one can do anything in man without the consent of his will. Due to ignorance, the child of God accepts the deceit of evil spirits and gives them permission to operate in his life. Now, in order to regain ground, he must revoke the consent that he gave to the demons, insisting that he is his own master and does not tolerate the manipulation of the enemy in any part of his being.

In this process of retaking ground, the believer must take the initiative in each action and not depend on anyone else. He must make his own decisions without passively waiting for others or for ideal circumstances. Watching and praying, he must advance step-by-step, exercising his mind and evaluating what to do, to speak or to become. The believer needs to understand that this process may take some time. We must answer each suggestion that the enemy gives with the truth of the Word of God. He must answer doubts with Bible passages that speak of faith. He must answer hopelessness with words of hope and fear with words of peace. We gain the victory by using the sword of the Spirit.

Freedom and renewal

As the Christian begins to retake ground from the enemy, positive results will begin to manifest themselves. In the beginning, when the process is initiated, things may appear to worsen, but do not give up. If you cling to the foundation of the cross and exercise your mind to resist the assertion of the enemy, God will soon completely deliver you and you will become the master of your own thought life. God not only wants to free the mind of the Christian from the prison bars of the power of darkness through self-control, but also wants to renew it completely, so that we are free to cooperate completely with the Holy Spirit.


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