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The Spirit controlled mind





spirit controlled mindWith a renewed mind, the child of God gains a sharper capacity of concentration, a more perceptive understanding and a better memory. In addition, his reasoning becomes clearer and his perspective less limited and even finds it easier to receive spiritual knowledge.

However, even if the mind has been renewed, there is no guarantee that one cannot be attacked again; therefore, the Christian should be constantly watching and praying. In order to maintain his mind in a continuous state of renewal, he must appropriate its laws. Just as the Spirit has its laws, the mind also has laws. We will mention some of them, and if you practice them, they will assure you the victory.

1.  The mind working with the spirit

  • The Holy Spirit reveals God’s will to a believer in his spirit
  • Through his mind, the believer understands the meaning of this revelation
  • With his will, he applies his spiritual strength to fulfill God’s will

This is the process of discernment, understanding and fulfillment in the life of a Christian. Through this process, we discover that the mind is the best helper of the spirit. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the mind and the spirit work together.

The Bible speaks clearly about the cooperation between the spirit and the mind. First, we arrive at the knowledge of God’s will by our intuition, and afterward, our intellect interprets it for us. The Holy Spirit moves in our spirit, producing a spiritual feeling within us. Next, we exercise our brain to study and understand the meaning of this feeling. We understand as soon as the mind manifests the spirit of man. If the mind is blocked, the spirit will also be blocked from its means of expression.

2.  The mind, the spirit and the spiritual mind

We must be more and more conscious of the need to walk in the Spirit and of the danger of walking according to the flesh. Walking in the Spirit simply means that the mind, under the control of the spirit, focuses on the things of the spirit (Romans 8:5, 6). After being renewed, the mind now is qualified to detect each movement or lack of movement of the spirit.

Our mental faculty (the soul) resides between the spirit and the flesh (the body). We walk according to whatever we fix our mind on. If it occupies itself with the flesh, then we will walk according to the flesh. If it focuses on the spirit, then we will walk according to the spirit. We always follow the inclination of our mind. This is an unchangeable law. Why is it that the inclinations of the realities of the spirit are so important? The answer is because this keeps us in tune with the language of the Spirit. Many times, the spirit gives revelation to our intuition, but we focus our intellect on a million other things rather than the move of the Spirit.

3.  An open mind

Through intuition, God speaks to our spirit, which then transmits the message to our mind. When we hear the preaching of the Word by other children of God, our mind receives this truth before it reaches our spirit. If our mind is full of prejudices against the truth or against the preacher, the truth will not enter our mind or our lives. An open mind permits the light to penetrate it, but the illumination of the light of the spirit makes the truth beneficial.

4.  A controlled mind

Each part of the Christian life must come under our control. This includes the mind, even after we have renewed it. Peter exhorts us to maintain constant vigilance, girding up the loins of our mind (1 Peter 1:13). We must control our thoughts and never allow them to run free. God’s objective is that we take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. We should never allow any thought to escape our observation, control or judgment. Improper thoughts must not remain in the believer’s life. We must reject and cast out every inappropriate thought that comes into our mind. The Christian also should never allow his mind to become empty.

When the mind is functioning, be careful that it does not do so by itself – it must operate under the rule of the spirit. Many people examine the Scriptures by depending on their own intellectual ability. However, the truth that they claim to know is only in their heads. We must reject all truths that are merely mental, because such knowledge gives an opportunity for Satan to operate.

We speak a lot about how the mind must not be lazy or empty; however, the brain must rest. If the believer allows his mind to work unceasingly without resting, it will get sick, in the same way that the body gets sick when we deprive it of rest. The defeat that Elijah experienced under the broom tree was due to the excessive work of his mind (1 Kings 19).

5.  A mind full of God’s Word

For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the LORD: I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. (Hebrews 8:10)

We must read and memorize more of God’s Word. If we read the Bible diligently, God will fill each of our thoughts with His laws. We will always remember what the Bible says when we are in need of light for our path. If we have hidden the Word in our hearts and have united our thinking with that of God’s Word, we will be able to understand the mind of God in every sense.

6.  The cry for a pure mind

The Christian should ask God to purify his mental life and always keep it renewed. Pray that you not merely think of him, but that you think of him correctly.


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