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How Satan deceives believers




The danger of demonic deception of believers

How satan deceives believersNot only the most carnal, worldly and sinful believers fall into the grip of evil spirits, on the contrary, many times, demons attack Christians who are completely dedicated and spiritually more advanced than most other Christians. These believers fall into passivity because they do not know how to cooperate with God. They are full of good intentions, but honesty is not a condition for avoiding deceit like knowledge is. How can they expect God to protect them through their good intentions if they are fulfilling the prerequisites for the operation of evil spirits? In light of this, we will consider some erroneous ideas and concepts that Christians generally accept.

Some Christians have a mistaken notion concerning death in and with Christ. In Galatians 2:20 the Word tells us of our death with Christ. Some people interpret these words to mean self-annihilation. They consider the loss of their personality, the absence of will and self-determination to be the pinnacle of the spiritual life. They argue that since they were crucified with Christ, they no longer exist anymore. Since they have died, then they should practice death, which means that they should not have any thoughts, desires or feelings. Because Christ is alive inside of them, they believe that He will think or feel in their place. Unfortunately, such thoughts ignore the rest of the verse: “the life which I now live I live in the flesh“.

Paul, after having passed through the cross, still made the claim: “now I live“! The cross does not annihilate our ego. The true meaning of our acceptance of death with Christ is that we are dead to sin and we surrender the life of our soul to death. God invites us to deny the desire to live by our own power and live by His power, depending on His vitality moment by moment.

Such a walk with God requires the daily exercise of our will, in an active and conscious way and faith for negating our own strength in appropriating divine strength. Because of the erroneous understanding of this truth many Christians cease being active, by violating the principle of God’s operation. When this happens, He cannot use them and evil spirits take advantage of the opportunity, claiming that, involuntarily, their victims have fulfilled the requirements for their operation. Whenever we say that someone must deny his ego, we mean to say that he must cease any activity of the ego, and not eliminate the existence of one.

God’s operation

Another text that is wrongly interpreted is Philippians 2:13, “for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” Some people think that because God wants to operate in their heart that it is unnecessary for them to do anything. These believers do not see that the correct essence of this verse is that God works in us up to the point of our readiness to desire something and then to do it. He only operates up to that point and no further. He never fulfills the “desiring and the doing” in our place, but merely involves Himself in bringing the person to the position of readiness to will and to do His excellent will. He causes us to move towards His desire, and then allows us to make the decision. It is not the purpose of God to annihilate our will. Otherwise, we would not have to offer ourselves to God, and we would be free to make a covenant with evil spirits. The correct attitude is this: I have
my own will; however, I choose the will of God.

The Holy Spirit’s work

Here are some ways to avoid the most common mistakes.

Obey the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey Him. (Acts 5:32)

Many Christians accept any spirit that comes to them as being the Holy Spirit. What they do not know is that the Scripture here does not teach us to obey the Holy Spirit, but God the Father, through the Spirit. In Acts 5:29, the apostle said that they should obey God. If someone makes God the Spirit, their object of obedience and forgets God the Father, his tendency will be to obey the spirit within him or around him, instead of obeying the Father that is in heaven, through the Holy Spirit. When we stray beyond the limits of the Word of God, we open ourselves to unimaginable dangers!

The Holy Spirit’s standard of operation

We should not expect the Holy Spirit to think through our mind, to feel through our emotions or to decide for our will. He reveals His will to the intuition of our spirit, so that we ourselves can think, feel and act according to His will. It is a grave error to think that we must offer our minds to the Holy Spirit, thinking that He must think through us. He merely acts in our spirit; therefore, he does not directly control the body of man. The Holy Spirit never uses any part of man’s body without the consent of man’s will nor does he exercise any of man’s physical faculties which belongs exclusively to the domain of man’s independent will.


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