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God as the life of the body




How the power of God manifests in the life of the body

God as the life of the bodyWe have already seen that in the future God will resurrect our bodies, but today he gives life to our mortal bodies. Even though our bodies are still alive as part of the natural life of our soul, we no longer live through it because we trust in the life of the Son of God that infuses His spiritual energy into our physical members much more abundantly than the life of the soul could ever do. God desires to lead us to the possession of this life in Christ as our strength.

The Word of God is the life of our body: man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4). Some people live merely by bread, others by bread and God’s Word. Bread sometimes fails us, but God’s Word never fails. God hides His life in His Word; therefore, we must not receive the Word merely as a commandment or as a rule, we must receive it as life. When we feed on the Word, we receive it as life, not only as life to our spirit, but also as life to our body.

God as the life of the body in the Old Testament

It was a common experience for the saints of old to know God as the strength of their body, or to experience the life of God permeating their bodies. Abraham experienced God’s power in his old, dying body. The crucial point of the matter here is not so much the condition of our body, but rather the power of God in our body.

Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died. His eyes were not dim nor his natural vigor diminished. (Deuteronomy 34:7)

The power of God’s life acted and manifested itself in Moses’s body. Caleb also experienced the vigor of God (Judges 14:9-11). The Holy Spirit powerfully used Samson in physical feats. There are many other examples of men of God in the past that were invigorated with God’s life.

We want to emphasize that God’s life is sufficient not only for healing infirmities, but also to preserve our strength and health, enabling us to overcome sicknesses and weaknesses.

God as the life of Paul’s body

Because we are members of the body of Christ, life naturally flows from Him to us. We must appropriate this life from God by faith. Paul prayed three times for God to remove the thorn in his flesh, yet, with no success. Should we think that he continued physically very weak, remaining in that situation for a long time? No, he informs us that the power of Christ rested over him and he became strong. Neither the thorn in the flesh, nor the weakness produced by it, ever left Paul. However, the power of Christ overcame his fragile body and gave him strength to face each necessity. The power of Christ in Paul reveals a distinct contrast to Paul’s natural weakness. How could a man as weak as Paul accomplish a work that demanded such great physical energy? The answer is that the Holy Spirit gave life to his mortal body.

How does God heal us and strengthen us? The answer is by the life of Jesus. God’s healing and strengthening of our mortal flesh does not mean that he changes the nature of our body into immortality, the nature of our bodies remains the same. The difference is that now the power of Christ works through them. Only in this way does God’s life affect our mortal bodies, supplying vitality and strength for each spiritual task. In the past, we lived by the power of our natural life, but now we live by the power of Christ who has supernatural life. The power of His resurrection sustains our body; therefore, God enables us to fulfill the tasks that He has designated to us.

God as the life of Jesus’ body

Someone may wonder if having the Lord Jesus as the life of the body means that God grants us a great measure of physical power so that we never have to suffer or becomes sick. The Apostle Paul’s body was frequently weak, but the strength of the Lord Jesus continually flowed through it. He lived each instant by the life of the Lord. Only through obedience, will we experience the reality of His life. It is reasonable to expect God to enable us to overcome physical limitations to do His work. Do you think He would give us His strength so that we could rebel against him?

God as the life of your body

If we receive the life of the Lord Jesus as the life of our body, we would experience the strengthening of our body and the prosperity of our spirit through Him. We already know that our body is for the Lord. However, because of our ego-centricity, He cannot fill it completely. Now we deliver our all to Him, so that He can treat us the way that He desires. Now we belong to the Lord completely and nothing can therefore happen to us without His knowledge and permission. Understanding that the Lord is for the body, we are able to appropriate all of God’s riches for our needs. For each urgent necessity there is always His provision, therefore our heart should be at rest. We do not ask for anything more than God has provided, but neither are we satisfied with less than He has promised. We refuse to use our own strength in any matter to help God, trying to resolve things before His time.


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